SC lifts five-strike rule for bar examinees

September 4, 2013

The Supreme Court en banc lifted last Tuesday the so-called “five-strike rule” for bar examinees, which states that an unsuccessful bar examinee cannot take the bar exams for more than five times. The five-strike rule was first implemented in 2005 through Bar Matter No. 1161, a resolution which disqualifies bar examinees who fail the bar five times from […]


Results of 2012 Bar Examinations

March 23, 2013

Only 949 out of a total of 5,343 bar examinees passed the 2012 Bar Examinations held last October. The passing average constitutes merely 17.76% of the total examinees and is the second lowest in Philippine history. According to Associate Justice Martin Villarama, Chairman of the 2012 Bar Exams, the high court followed its yearly tradition […]


Results of 2011 Bar Examinations

February 29, 2012

The Supreme Court has released the results of the 2011 Bar Examinations held last November. A total of 1,913 examinees out of 5,990 hopefuls passed the bar for a passing average of 31.95%, one of the highest ever in the history of the bar exams. The topnotcher is Raoul Angelo Atadero of Ateneo de Manila […]


982 New Lawyers – 2010 Bar Exam Results

March 17, 2011

The results of the 2010 Bar Examinations were released today by the Supreme Court and a total of 982 out of 4,847 examinees successfully hurdled the exams. The passing percentage is 20.26% which is lower than last year’s 24.58%. It is also the second lowest passing percentage in the past decade. This year’s topnotcher was Cesareo Antonio […]