The Law Professor: Recognition of Divorce in the Philippines

October 30, 2009

As a general rule, a divorce obtained abroad between two Filipino citizens is not valid or recognized in the Philippines. This is due to Article 15 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, which states that “laws relating to family rights and duties, or to the status, condition and legal capacity of persons are binding upon citizens of the Philippines, even though living abroad”. Moreover, Paragraph 3 of Article 17 of the same Code states that “prohibitive laws concerning persons, their acts or property, and those which have for their object public order, public policy and good customs shall not be rendered ineffective by laws or judgments promulgated, or by determinations or conventions agreed upon in a foreign country”. 

The only exception is found in Article 26 of the Family Code of the Philippines, which states that “where a marriage between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner is validly celebrated and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall have capacity to remarry under Philippine law.”

The twin elements for the application of Paragraph 2 of Article 26 are as follows:

1. There is a valid marriage that has been celebrated between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner; and

2. A valid divorce is obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry.

However, given a valid marriage between two Filipino citizens, where one party is later naturalized as a foreign citizen and obtains a valid divorce decree capacitating him or her to remarry, can the Filipino spouse likewise remarry under Philippine law? This was the novel question faced by the Supreme Court in the case of Republic vs. Orbecido.

On May 24, 1981, Cipriano Orbecido III married Lady Myros M. Villanueva at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines in Lam-an, Ozamis City.  Their marriage was blessed with a son and a daughter, Kristoffer Simbortriz V. Orbecido and Lady Kimberly V. Orbecido. In 1986, Cipriano’s wife left for the United States bringing along their son Kristoffer.  A few years later, Cipriano discovered that his wife had been naturalized as an American citizen. Sometime in 2000, Cipriano learned from his son that his wife had obtained a divorce decree and then married a certain Innocent Stanley.  Cipriano thereafter filed with the trial court a petition for authority to remarry invoking Paragraph 2 of Article 26 of the Family Code.  No opposition was filed. Finding merit in the petition, the court granted the same.  The Republic, through the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), sought reconsideration but it was denied.

In its petition, the OSG contends that Paragraph 2 of Article 26 of the Family Code is not applicable to the instant case because it only applies to a valid mixed marriage; that is, a marriage celebrated between a Filipino citizen and an alien.  The proper remedy, according to the OSG, is to file a petition for annulment or for legal separation. Furthermore, the OSG argues there is no law that governs respondent’s situation.  The OSG posits that this is a matter of legislation and not of judicial determination. For his part, Cipriano admits that Article 26 is not directly applicable to his case but insists that when his naturalized alien wife obtained a divorce decree which capacitated her to remarry, he is likewise capacitated by operation of law pursuant to Section 12, Article II of the Constitution.

In finding for Orbecido, the Court held that:

“Thus, taking into consideration the legislative intent and applying the rule of reason, we hold that Paragraph 2 of Article 26 should be interpreted to include cases involving parties who, at the time of the celebration of the marriage were Filipino citizens, but later on, one of them becomes naturalized as a foreign citizen and obtains a divorce decree.  The Filipino spouse should likewise be allowed to remarry as if the other party were a foreigner at the time of the solemnization of the marriage.  To rule otherwise would be to sanction absurdity and injustice.  Where the interpretation of a statute according to its exact and literal import would lead to mischievous results or contravene the clear purpose of the legislature, it should be construed according to its spirit and reason, disregarding as far as necessary the letter of the law.  A statute may therefore be extended to cases not within the literal meaning of its terms, so long as they come within its spirit or intent. If we are to give meaning to the legislative intent to avoid the absurd situation where the Filipino spouse remains married to the alien spouse who, after obtaining a divorce is no longer married to the Filipino spouse, then the instant case must be deemed as coming within the contemplation of Paragraph 2 of Article 26.”

The Court held further that:

“The reckoning point is not the citizenship of the parties at the time of the celebration of the marriage, but their citizenship at the time a valid divorce is obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating the latter to remarry. In this case, when Cipriano’s wife was naturalized as an American citizen, there was still a valid marriage that has been celebrated between her and Cipriano.  As fate would have it, the naturalized alien wife subsequently obtained a valid divorce capacitating her to remarry.  Clearly, the twin requisites for the application of Paragraph 2 of Article 26 are both present in this case.  Thus Cipriano, the “divorced” Filipino spouse, should be allowed to remarry.”

The Court was also unable to sustain the OSG’s theory that the proper remedy of the Filipino spouse is to file either a petition for annulment or a petition for legal separation.  Annulment would be a long and tedious process, and in this particular case, not even feasible, considering that the marriage of the parties appears to have all the badges of validity.  On the other hand, legal separation would not be a sufficient remedy for it would not sever the marriage tie; hence, the legally separated Filipino spouse would still remain married to the naturalized alien spouse.

If you do find yourself in a situation similar to that of Cipriano and want to re-marry, it would be important for you to prove your allegation that your spouse was naturalized as an American citizen and you must likewise prove the divorce as a fact and demonstrate its conformity to the foreign law allowing it. Furthermore, you must also show that the divorce decree allows your former spuse to remarry as specifically required in Article 26.  Otherwise, there would be no evidence sufficient to declare that your former spouse is capacitated to enter into another marriage.

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for this insightful post.

  2. hi!,i recieved a paper from my american “husband” or i guess “ex-husband” we are married here in Philippines for a year and 7months till it last,i am a Filipino citizen,while he was obviously an American Citizen,and our marriage didnt work we separated and get this far.the paper he sent issued by superior court of moscogee county State Of Georgia(final judgment and Decree) it says here that we can be remarry..does it mean i can remarry right away or any minute?,am i a free woman again?..or should i do what first?,

  3. If the divorce is validly obtained and your ex husband’s national law (US Law) allows him to remarry, then you may. But you have to undergo liquidation of your conjugal/ community properties/assets first, then deliver the presumptive legitimes of your kids..then you can remarry.

  4. This is helpful. Yet, my situation, I was married in the Philippines to an American citizen, I am a permanent resident here in US now and I initiated the divorce and received the divorce decree. Is there any possibilities that my petition for recognition in the Philippines may granted? Can I clear my status to single in NSO? How?

  5. Maverick, on Leah’s case because it seems to be my case were somewhat the same from her. Can you please explain further for me what you mean by : undergoing liquidation of your conjugal/ community properties/assets first, then deliver the presumptive legitimes of your kids..then you can remarry. Thanks 🙂

  6. My few concerns too is if when my husband already filed the divorced would our son still gets financial support from his father? thanks.

  7. I have an american friend who was married to a filipina. His marriage took place in the Philippines. However, the marriage did not work thats why he filed for a divorce. In short, the divorce was granted from his home country and all the documents were sent to her in the Phils. My questions is, why is it that she is still asking for support from him until now?

  8. divorce is only an issue to those who want to escape or seek other pastures…

    divorce is still not recognized Art. 15 of the civil code

  9. sir i just want to know about my situation rightnow i am married me and my husband separate each other for 15 years and we have 2 sons and we didn’t see each other since then i want to use my single status again where i am going to file my status now i am here in hongkong hope you can give me an answer thank you

  10. Hi I am a dual citizen.and was 13 years weadow,afterwards I get married again to a swiss guy in switzerland..We are at the moment living in manila and bought house to live for good,our house is both of our name.I would like to get a half of this property…what I have to do?

  11. I’m a Filipina i’m divorce for almost 2 years,my ex husband is a japanese HIS married now to a Filipina AND he is the one apply for divorce….i have my divorce certificate and i also i reported my divorce here in the philippines. now i plan to re marry again,my fiancee is american he applied petition”FOR FIANCEE

  12. Hi,
    I’m a Filipina, married but is separated from my husband for 2 years now. He’s been using drugs and has never supported our 2 children. I met this American guy who offered me marriage. He wants me to go to the US and get married there. I love him and am willing to marry him. What should I do? Can I just go to the US and marry him? I dont have money for annullment here because I am raising our 2 children and sending them to school. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you and more power.

  13. Gentlemen/Madam:
    I do not really know how to write this letter and for it purpose you can refers to me as (TLC?!) = (“Totally – Legally – Confuse?!”) I am a foreigner legally residing in the Philippines for many years with no legal problem.
    In Dec. 2000 I married to a Filipina lady and we even visited my country few times also with no trouble. On 2008 we legally adopt a little girl and recently I tried to give my nationality to my little girl but I was told by my embassy that my wife was already married to a Filipino man and had three children with him and NO divorce.
    So since she was legally formerly married to some else then she can not have my last marital name and that make her in impostor and a bigamist plus our little girl is also legally a fraud, her adopted papers and name are not correct since I am not legally married to her adopted mother. You can not imagine my (TLC?!) reaction, but after long debates with my wife she finally told me the true.
    She got married in Oct. 1991 at the young age of 20 and her husband was 21 also he did not want any offspring. In Sept. 1992 she had their first child her husband was angry at her due to this child, in Dec. 1993 she had a second child her husband was even more enrage, to the point that this second child was forcibly given up for adoption to relative. Then in May 1994 she displayed pregnancy sickness symptom again and that time her husband abandoned her on Jun. 1994 never to return or to be being seen and heard from.
    I want to lawfully correct this (TLC?!) statuses and be a legal husband to my wife and a legal father to my little girl, I believed those may be lawful ground to correct legally this problem.

    #1.) The Judge that perform their marital service in the poor town or “Bundok” in 1991 was not a confirmed certified appointed Judge of the Court, he was a distance relative who only work at city hall and at opportunistic time assumed to be a Judge for quick monetary gain. If that fake Judge can be verified that may be ground for annulment.
    #2.) Her husband abandoned her and his family on Jun. 1994, I believed that after a certain number of years of abandonment the marriage is terminated? We got married in Dec. 2000.
    #3.) In 2002 her husband dies abroad from vehicle accident, so now she is a widower. She should be free to re-marry. But before we got married in 2000, my Filipina wife never used her Filipino husband last name. She been using my last name since we got married in 2000.

    With this information can you please try to help my little girl, my wife and me to become a “legal” family? Like I once believed we where: Thanks You. (TLC?!)

  14. sir, me & my wife was legally married in the philippines on sept 18 1995. we were blessed with (3)three kids but as time passed we were no longer enjoy nor happy with each other. we get separated without filling it in court. and for more than (10) ten years now, we never see each other since our separation. sir if i’ll file an annulment case and our separation for ten yrs. with no communication is my basis in applying of the said case. will my application be granted and i would not wait long enough for the release of the courts decision?

  15. If petition for recognition for divorce is granted by the court,what does the law say about settlement of their properties in the Philippines? What steps would you suggest be taken? If a waiver has been executed by the now foreign national spouse, would this be recognized here.

    Thank you.

  16. I’m Filipina living here now in Japan,im divorce for 1yr.I report my divorce to the Philippine Consulate in Osaka,I have my divorce certificate coming from their office.I have plan to re marry.I know that you need a recognition of divorce to re marry.What is the requirements of Recognition of Divorce and how many months will i waited for the processing?

    Thank You.

  17. Hi,

    I’m currently in here in the US and was under H2B visa. I was married in the Philippines(didnt turn out to be good) I filed for a divorce in Las Vegas and my X-husand signed the divorce decree. I got re-married, my current husband and I filed all our documents for adjustment of staus as a permanent resident, everything went well but during our immigration interview everything fell apart. The immigration officer is asking for a Certificate of Finality( or he called it Annulment) and gave us a 3 mos deadline to submit this. We’re so lost and worried about the situation because as far as I know there Annulment will take years of process and EXPENSIVE…Some people is advising me to mail a copy of my decree w/ a seal and ribbon. Please give me an advise how to solve this issue. We didnt get any lawyer for my case and if its really needed then we will.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Hello, I am a UK national, I met my Filipina wife in the UK in 1996. She was already married to a British guy in Manila several years earlier.

    SHE filed for divorce from him in 1998 and subsequently married me in 2001. I know nothing about the Philippine Law regarding the non recognition of her divorce. We moved to the Philippines in 2004. The marriage has broken down, I have filed a court motion to get the marriage declared void.

    Did my wife have the right to marry me in the UK given the Philippine laws regarding the recognition of divorce.

    Any advice please

  19. Sorry Forgot to mention my wife never got a British Passport, she is still a Philippine Citizen.

  20. hi! i’m in the process of divorcing my japanese husband. my question is, after the divorce is granted, how long will i wait to re marry again?

    please help. thank you

  21. i have a bf right now and he was married in colombo. his marriage is not registered in the he’s still single legally by the n.s.o. if ever we’ll get married, would it be legal to do so?

    please advise.

  22. Hello and Good day!

    My fiance was married in the Philippines and in Australia with his former wife.Both of them,were already Australian citizens by the time they got divorce.Our plan is to get married in Australia,if ever granted a visa.Is it really,neccesary for him to file for petition of foreign judgement to dissolve their marriage here? Since we will not have our marriage done here in the Philippines.I have read some columns that petition for recognition of foreign judgement only applies if the marriage will took place in the Phlippines.Some advise me, its best to settle his divorce here.In our case,do we really need to undergo such?. what’s the best thing to do?..were really confused.

    Hope to hear from you,thank you and Godbless…

  23. Good day to you! I am a Filipino, married to a dutch woman in Philippines in 1976. i initiate a divorce against my dutch wife because I found her having affair with other men in Netherlands. since we have no kids and we both agree to separate and we got divorced in 1984. she got married again with other man. After 2 years I met an Australian woman and married with her in Netherlands. I become an Australian citizen and got 4 kids with her. I had almost 18 years life of happy married life with an Australian woman. but it ended when I caught her for the third time of cheating on me. again, I filed my divorce with her and got divorced in 2004. She got married with the man in 2004 after our divorce is approved. I promised myself will not going to marry again but to just take care of my 4 kids.
    in 2008, i met a filipina woman. I believe she is my soul mate. I broke my promise not to marry again. and since she loves to marry here in Philippines to celebrate with her family, we have to ask first how to clear my status record in NSO that i was married with dutch woman in 1976.
    please help us. we really appreciate! thank you so very much and god bless!

  24. i am married in my first husband is filipino we have 2 daugther and he (my husband) abondones me for 10 years without support and comunications, and i do marry a foreigner in 2005 here in the philippines, we have a licence and record to the NSO that we are married, but my husband now is the foreigner is want a annulment to me, do i have rigth to support me until not yet finnished the annullment process here in the philippines????? thank you very much
    hope you can help me or advice me
    godbless you

  25. Good day!

    I am a Filipina and a single mom of 2 kids aged 11 & 10. My husband (also a Filipino) & I were married last 1999 in a catholic church. My husband attempted suicide last October 2005 that makes our marital relationship even more complicated. Because of his vices I filed a case against him last 2007 for penalization under RA8353 & RA7610. I was able to secure a warrant for him to be arrested with “no bail certification” last September 2007. After securing his warrant of arrest, I applied for a job abroad and fortunate enough to succeed. Unfortunately, until this very moment, he is still at large. My concerns and questions that need clarification are the following:

    1. As there is no communication between the 2 of us for more than 3 years, and given the case I filed against him, is it possible for me to be granted if I petition for:
    a) Annulment/Dissolution of marriage; and,
    b) Termination of his parental rights.

    2. As I am working abroad to support my 2 kids, is it possible to file the annulment myself, and then on behalf of my absence later if there is a need for hearing, be represented by another person, i.e. my sister? Say, I will just give her SPA if allowed.

    3. Is it true that I can file for petition of annulment even without attorney-in-fact? That I can do the filing itself in Family Court?

    4. Though I get married 1999, I graduated last 2001 without changing my family name. I used his family name when I applied for my Tax Identification Number around 2004. And when I filed the case against him last 2007, I used his family name again. But when I apply for my passport few months later, I used my maiden name supplying necessary documents. Will there be conflicts in the future and will I be accountable for it?

    It is hoped for that the above will be given clarifications. And I thank you very much for sparing your time with my queries, despite your hectic skeds.
    More power and God bless!!

  26. i was married at the age of 16 in 1974 and separated in 1990,,until now i have no communications with my ex husband,,i heard he has a family and have children..i want to know hovcan i remarry fiancee is coming in february and he wants to marry him ..i don’t know what to do so i can remarry again would it be possible for me to marry here in the philippines?..please help me

  27. I am a shemale came from phil..My boyfriend is a dutch and he wanted to marry me to become free to live here in the phillipines..And since its not allowed here,,we were going to do it in thier country..Can that be possible for him to live free in our country??What would be the documents we will be needed to make it happen???thank you and more power..

  28. I would like to ask about the case of an “uncontested divorce” filed by the foreign husband in the US. I have heard that a divorce by “mutual consent” or “agreed divorce” in countries such as Japan and Korea cannot be recognized here if the filipina spouse files a Petition for Recognition.

    Is an uncontested divorce obtained by the foreign spouse in the US the same as the consensual divorce in japan?

    I have this predicament that the divorce in the US, which is agreed divorce, will be tagged as the same consensual divorce and will not be recognized here.

    Additional facts:
    The petitioner is the foreign husband..
    Grounds are:
    1) no cohabitation for 5 years
    2) marriage not consummated
    3) no children
    4) no property to divide

    I hope you could advise me on this. Thank you so much

  29. Hi, I got married March 2006 to an American guy and our marriage didn’t last. he filed for divorce and it was granted 2007. I filed for divorce recognition but it was costly that i had to stop in the middle of the process because I don’t have any money left to proceed. my ex is now married to a Filipina again and they are living in Portland, I think it’s pretty much unfair that he can go on with his life and I can’t and i can’t talk him to help me with the lawyer fees, because he is an ass. is there any way or any legal way to get him to pay the half? I need help, please. thank you.

  30. Hello there how strange today are those relationships between a man ans a woman iam from australia and iam having a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman of 3 years from the philippines who was married once before but my new wife to be had told me what she was put through in her last relationship of abuse beatings kicked and beaten on the ground like a dog left with bruises black eyes bleeding noses my wife to be told me her story how she couldnt defend herself these bashing went on for a long time and has left her with emotional pain a lack of confidence plus more we have fallen in love my wife to be had to get away from there ive already been up to see my wife twice now and i gave her my support that i would protect her i had brought my wife to be to spend 3 weeks here with me and my australian family and my wife to be she cant afford to get her annulment up there but i need some help that she can get her annulment from sydney australia so my wife to can can atleast have some real peace and joy and get her life full of confidence again and work here we have already spoken to my wife to be`s parents who live in hollywood the usa i do believe there is hope us but my wife to be and i we both want it to be legal thank you

  31. Hi.
    I’m an Philipino citizen, I was married in PH some 15 years ago. Now my Danish husbond got a Divorce in Denmark ( by court order ).
    I want to remarry under the rules in Article 26.
    What kind of paperwork, shall I bring to the Philippines ??
    Can I apply direct to NSO, or do I need an layer ???
    Sincere Maria

  32. HI. we asked a question on this side, a month ago. the question seems to ha disappered, and no answer recieved.

    Again my question.

    What kind of papers do we have to bring to NSO in order to optain the right to remary, under the rules in article 26 ?
    the former danish husbond, has optained his right to remarry, though the Danish court, have granded the divorce. But we where married in PH, and I believe we still are.

  33. I am a filipina and I am here in Canada since 2007, after a year I applied for a divorce and was granted to me 2010. My husband is in Philippines together with my 3 kids and has his own family already. I know that my divorced is not valid in the Phils so I need a Recognition of Divorce decree but I dont know the processing of this laws. Can you pls tell me everything about this and the amount? thank u and more power


  34. Good day . my GF in japan just mailed me her divorce paper and she said i must consult an attorney on the matter of “petition for recognition of foreign divorce in the philippines” Pls help. one more im also married but me and my wife separated about 7 years ago . she was underage ( 17 years and 8 months ) when we got married. what will i do so that my marriage will be legally void ? Thank you .

  35. I’m Filipina,im divorce for 2yrs.I only have a copy of his family registration indicated that we are divorced.I have plan to re marry.I know that you need a recognition of divorce to re marry.What is the requirements of Recognition of Divorce and how many months will i waited for the processing?

    Thank You.

  36. i would like to know how much it would cost me to file for a petition of recognition of foreign divorce and how long would it take.

    i was married to a naturalized US citizen, i do have a copy of the divorce decree, my ex husband no longer supports me even before the divorce (July 2006), he now has his own family in the US, and I’m here in the Philippines. we have a son, 27 yrs old.

    If i renew my passport after the recognition of divorce, would that change may marital status? Can you pls help me with this?

  37. Hi,
    is a psychological examination required for filing a petition for recognition of foreign divorce decree?


  38. Nais ko po sanang malaman kung gaano katagal at kung magkano ang aabutin kapag nagfile ng petition para sa judicial recognition of foreign divorce decree.Kailangan din po ba na yung divorce paper na ipafile sa korte sa pinas ay nang galing din muna at naipasok din dito sa korte sa japan.Hindi po ba sapat yun hawak ko na certificate na nang galing sa cityhall,na nakasaad duon na ako ay diborsyado na.Need help sana po makatanggap ako ng sagot.Salamat po sa pagbasa.

  39. Hello,

    Please help!

    I am a Canadian citizen who married a filipino in 2004, I sponsored my spouse; a few years after our relationship fell apart. We filed for Divorce and was granted, he also was already a Canadian citizen when we filed for divorce.

    Are we still married in the Philippines? Do we need to file for Recognition of Foreign Divorce? Can we re-marry in the Philippines again?

    If filing Recognition, how long will that take? how much would that cost?

  40. good day!on April 1989 we got married with my filipina wife. later she went to the united states. on October 2000 i had received the granted notice of entry of judgement – termination of marital status that she filed. on November 2002, i had re-marry a filipina without filing any judicial recognition on foreign divorce decree / nor either filed any annulment from my first marriage. now, my inquiries are: 1) Does the marriage i have contracted last November 2002 void or valid? or what process will am going to do. at present i am a US immigrant for 1 year and 6 months and i want to petition my second wife to come to the US.

  41. hay. wala naman sumasagot dito. napakaganda pa naman ng topic.

  42. My sister married another filipino citizen in 2003 here in the Philippines. After the celebration of the marriage, they returned to the UK. 2 years later, they both acquired their British citizenship and subsequently, their marriage fell apart. They filed divorce proceedings which was granted by a UK Court. Since 2006, they were divorced already and in fact the ex-husband remarried a US citizen. My sister wants to remarry here in Manila, this time to her boyfriend who is a Filipino citizen. Does she need to pass thru this petition for recognition of foreign divorce decree? PLease help. Thanks.

  43. Hello to all of you!
    I am a German citizen and used to be married to a Filipina. The civil wedding took place abroad while several months later we had a church wedding in the Philippines. Meanwhile our marriage has been divorced and I obtained a divorce decree from the German courts. Now, as far as I understand the Philippine family law both of us are able to marry again since I was the foreign spouse who petitioned for the divorce. I am now wondering if, based on the German divorce decree, I can marry my Filipina girlfriend in the Philippines without any complications or whether I have to have the wedding officially annulled in the Philippines as well as it seems to be the legal procedure for my ex-wife if she was to marry in the Philippines again. This is unclear to me. Maybe there are some folks out there in a similar situation or with some experience that they can share with me. Thanks a lot for any suggestions and help.

  44. Hello and good day sir.Me and my ex wife are both Filipino and married in the Philippines. We migrated in Canada and became Canadian Citizens. Our marriage didnt last and we parted and got divorced. I filed the divorce for the reason that she already had a live in partner and a child of her own. My question is, is it possible for me to file a Petition for Recognition of Foreign Judgment to dissolve our marriage in the Philippines? I have an intention to marry my girlfriend in the Philippines and i would like to settle everything legally once and for all. thank you for your time on reading this and thank you in advance for your reply.

  45. Hi! I was once married to a Japanese guy, unfortunately our marriage didnt succeed and we had to go on our separate ways,,,after we divorce I filed a Report of divorce in our Embassy in Tokyo and also had my name amended on my passport..from my married name to maiden name (these things happened 5 years ago)..and it was all a i thought there would be no problem in the future..coz no one in the embassy told me that its different case in our country..

    and now that i am planning to get married again with my daughters’ father..i found out in my NSO cert. that i am still married.

    Please help me..I want to know what i should do step by step regarding on having a recognition on foreign divorce..and how about if its a mutual consent…pls reply on my e-mail..really need some advice here,,thank you so much

  46. My brother with her wife were married here in the Philippines. They migrated to Canada with their children that after three years in Canada both of them became Canadian citizen. They divorced here in Canada as being both Canadian Citizen, Is their marriage in the Philippines still binding or still in effect? Can my brother remarry a Filipino citizen woman who is still residing in the Philippines if my brother will come to the Philippines?

  47. the matriomony did in the philippines my husband danish denied me as his wife.he said we are already devorce in denmark without my knowledge. he live in the island of cebu with another pinay living together as a couple,he also admit that the girl is his wife. they marry in denmark. what should i do i am in no source. Thanks and GOD BLESS..

  48. Hi, good day, i need your advice and hope you can help me.
    Im a filipina, engaged to an american who’s previously married to a muslim filipina in 2006, he already filed a divorce decree in US. Just wanted to know the total cost or estimated fee in filing the recognition of divorce decree here in Philippines and how long would it take?

    Your advice will be very much appreciated!

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