SC lifts five-strike rule for bar examinees

September 4, 2013

The Supreme Court en banc lifted last Tuesday the so-called “five-strike rule” for bar examinees, which states that an unsuccessful bar examinee cannot take the bar exams for more than five times. The five-strike rule was first implemented in 2005 through Bar Matter No. 1161, a resolution which disqualifies bar examinees who fail the bar five times from taking the exams again. The resolution which was promulgated last June 2004, allows a failing bar examinee three tries initially, and a fourth and fifth attempt after a one-year refresher course each time, provided, further, that upon the effectivity of the said resolution, those who have already failed in five (5) or more bar examinations shall be allowed to take only one (1) more bar examination after completing a (1) year refresher course.

The lifting of the rule cannot be applied to this year’s examination, however, as the list of probable bar candidates has already been published. The 2013 Bar Examinations will be held this October.

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