Presidential Decree No. 96 (No Wang Wang)

July 7, 2010

Much ado has been made with the recent campaign of the police to eliminate the use of sirens, blinkers and other similar gadgets that emit loud noises or otherwise used to navigate obnoxiously on the streets of Metro Manila and other areas of the Philippines. This is an offshoot of President Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration day declaration of “No wang-wang”! This recent development now begs the question, why only now? Presidential Decree No. 96 which regulates the use of sirens, bells, horns, whistles and similar gadgets that emit exceptionally loud or startling sounds, including domelights and other similar signalling or flashing devices attached to motor vehicles and used on the highways has been in effect since 1973! Yet, it is only now is there a conscious effort on the part of our law enforcement  to give teeth to this long neglected law. We can only hope that this zeal would last and not be a case of “ningas cogon”.

Surprisingly, media has reported that motorists caught with wang-wangs and other prohibited devices have been fined the amount of Php 15,000.  We’re not sure what legal basis was used for this but Presidential Decree No. 96 is clear that the penalty for a first offense is mere confiscation and it is only in case of a second and subsequent offenses that the offender shall be prosecuted for violation of the Decree and, upon conviction thereof, shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment for six months and/or a fine of 600 pesos. In addition, the certificate of registration of the motor vehicle on which the unauthorized gadget or device herein mentioned is installed, mounted or used shall be cancelled or revoked.

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  1. Where the heck did they base their P15,000 fine? The law clearly states confiscation on first-offense.

    I hope somebody will enlighten the LTO and HPG regarding this.
    They are indeed apprehending motorists for such violation but, where did they base their 15,000 fine?

  2. I find the post here – really helpful. My friend send the link to me when I am asking for more information about libel. Can you take a look at my case? Thanks!

  3. September 7, 2010 CITOM operation @9:00 pm , Osmeña road beside SSS Cebu.

    I was issued a ticket for violating PD96 – using yellow bulb on my headlight . I was informed that the fine for the penalty is 15k , it is my first offense. I asked the team lead if he could elaborate PD96 because 15k is too unreasonable fine for such offense. He get mad and issued me a ticket for discourtesy, or arrogant driver,and it leaves me wondering. I tried to asked for his name and it get worst , He even challenge me to meet somewhere else. He asked someone to issue the ticket on his behalf and walk away and didn’t mention his name.

    CITOM Team Lead for this operation – was arrogant, can’t even utter a single word in explaining what is PD96 for the motorist not to violate the same offense again. hope Cebu City Government would try to look into CITOM and discipline their people. The team lead looks like UN-educated and unprofessional, should this people be reminded that motorist are tax payers and paying honest taxes. Motorist shouldn’t be threated like criminals on the streets. Why did CITOM hire this type of people? government is wasting money on their salary’s and they are dis-functional.

  4. Sir/Mam,
    what is the update on the penalty of PD96? how much man gud ang penalty ani? Kang some other say na 15k daw basin gi sakyan rani sa taga LTO. Please advise.


  5. Sir/Mam,
    Any update on the penalty of the PD96? LTO personel says P15,000 is the penalty of PD96.

    Can somebody tell us the correct penalty of the PD96?

    Please advise

  6. thank you so much…….

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